Transformations explores the history of gender and science with young trans and gender diverse people (aged 16-25). The project asks questions about medicine, identity, and authority through creative workshops, oral history research, creative writing, and  drama.

We started to develop a stage show but we had to change our plans with the pandemic, and the stage show became a drama podcast and other creative responses, created and performed by a cast of trans and non-binary performers, musicians and sound designers.

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The Transformations project is a collaboration between artist Jason Barker, Gendered Intelligence, the University of Portsmouth, the Rethinking Sexology project, and the University of Exeter.

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Transformations is part of Rethinking Sexology, a research project at the University of Exeter which is re-examining scientific attempts to understand sex in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Transformations is funded by a Wellcome Research Enrichment Public Engagement grant.